Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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The LED pixel pitch is the distance in mm from the centre of one LED pixel to the next one, so the closer the distance the higher the resolution of the LED video screen.

LED screens give a much better effect than projectors overall, especially projectors fail to show high brightness levels at brighter environment. Thus, projector unable to display clear and crisp images. LED Screens generate their own brightness, so the image is much more vivid when it reaches the viewer.

The projector has to be mounted high up and in the back of the room or display area, and it has to be connected to a video source. Anything that gets in the way – such as low-hanging lighting fixtures or low ceilings – can become an obstacle

LED Screens are modular. They are actually made up of lots of individual panels or modules. The panels can be connected in any shape or size to create a screen that you want. We can design the size of the LED Screen based on the venue, event and your budget.

The only limit is your imagination – if it’s visual, we can display it!
Our team of talented designers can work with you to ensure your visuals have impact, and effectively convey your message.


Our experienced technicians are always there to operate the systems and equipment, whenever, and wherever, you need them, however you may choose to do this yourself.

If this is the case, we will ensure that you have full, comprehensive training on how to do this, and are completely comfortable with managing the display yourself.

We can take live video feeds and signals from your computers, vision mixers, or any output source including CV, VGA, HDMI, DVI, SDI, HD-SDI and more.

There a few factors that that determine what screen and size of screen will be right for your event. These include how close your audience are to the screen, the audience size, if your event is indoors or outdoors. The easiest option is to give us a call on 021 885 238 and we will have you in your decision. Or Email us the details of your event

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